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This is my inspiration.

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Brim and the Big Cat Blunder

The first book from author Savanna Simmons is geared toward those in grades two through six, but this tale about a lovable cowboy and big brother can be read by those of all ages. Appropriate and perfect for families to read together.


I absolutely love this book!

Sparking Young Readers

“Brim and the Big Cat Blunder” is about two young cowboys who are off on a grand adventure, but you don’t have to be a young cowboy to enjoy this short novel!

When reading, we get to step into Brim’s boots, which happen to pinch a little. Brim is a lovable, grumbly character traversing life as a 10-year-old experiencing growing pains daily. From being a kind, big brother to wanting to stretch his wings a little, he must figure out how to balance growing up while still being rather young. Brim deals with internal struggles that we all experience from time to time.